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ETHC 445 Week 2 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Devry University

Week 2: Majorities and Ethics

What is your view? Read the following scenario and think about the reading for this week: The Role of Conscience. Some people cannot decide whether their actions they are contemplating are morally right. For this scenario, decide for the airline pilot and present the rationale for your position. Your response is composed of 275 words and should reflect this week reading.

An airline pilot goes for his regular medical checkup. The doctor discovers that he has developed a heart murmur. The pilot has only a month to go before he is eligible for retirement. The doctor knows this and wonders whether, under these unusual circumstances, she is justified in withholding the information about the pilot’s condition.

An essential part of this course's grade will be derived from your discussion posts' quality and depth in the Forums. The professor will post an original question based on an aspect of the course content or its application; each student will be expected to post a response to that initial prompt. Then, students will read and reply to classmates' posts; you are required to respond to at least two classmates, responding to more is welcomed and encouraged. You are responsible for knowing and understanding the content in every discussion. Simplistic posts will not receive credit, so please be aware of your posts' depth before posting. You must read all the posts by other students and the instructor in the week's class discussion area. You are responsible for knowing and understanding the content in every post. Remember DeVry's Academic Integrity - Plagiarism. Be original with your posts and cite your scholarly sources - no wiki, blogs, bogus author, URL, etc.

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