EDSPE 427 Week 6 Midterm Exam | University of Washington

EDSPE 427 Week 6 Midterm Exam | University of Washington

Midterm Assignment 


Midterm Assignment

Skill Acquisition Lesson Plan


Directions: For this assignment, you will be given a choice of skills. You will then pick a skill to teach, define the behavior using objective terms, write a behavioral objective, and finally develop two Skill Acquisition Plans for teaching the skill in both discrete (DTT) and embedded (NET) formats. Finally, you will write a reflection on what you’ve learned, answering the questions provided.


Part 1: What to Teach

Client description: You are working with a 6 year old client who is receiving ABA services in the home setting. The student is verbal (able to speak).

1.      Pick one of the following skills to teach:

·         Matching colors

·         Identifying letter sounds

·         Naming letters in the alphabet

·         Counting to 10

·         Imitating actions

·         Answering questions after listening to a story

·         Writing their name

·         Labeling animals

2.      Operationally define the skill

1.      Definition should be objective, clear, complete, and individualized

2.      Must include examples and non-examples

3.      Write a behavioral objective

1.      Objective must have the following components: context, learner, behavior, mastery criteria


Part 2: The Skill Acquisition Plans

1.      You will be submitting two Skill Acquisition Plans. One using DTT and the other using NET. See Module 2 and p. 48 of your textbook for examples of Skill Acquisition Plans. See Module 3 for a review on Teaching Styles. Plans must have:

1.      Instructional Program (the skill you’re teaching)

2.      Behavioral Objective

1.      Include context, learner, behavior, mastery criteria

3.      Materials

1.      What will you need to prepare for instruction and data collection?

4.      Data Collection

1.      Will this look different for DTT versus NET? How so?

5.      Instructional Delivery

1.      Set up (will you be at a table? On the floor?)

2.      How will the SDs be different?

6.      Expected Response and Error Correction

1.      How will you reinforce a correct response? How will this differ between your DTT and NET plans?

2.      Will the error correction look different in the DTT versus NET plan?

7.      Prompting Hierarchy

8.      *Extra Credit (2pts): Include a list of 10 targets


Part 3: Reflection

Answer the following questions in 2-3 pages:

1.      What skill did you pick? Why did you pick this skill?

1.      Why is it important for this 6-year-old to learn this skill? Think about what benefits will come from learning this skill.

2.      Did you find it easy to operationally define the behavior?

3.      Was it easier to write a DTT or NET plan? Why?

4.      Explain your prompt hierarchy and why you chose it.

5.      What have you learned about writing skills? What have you learned about teaching skills?

6.      How has this assignment furthered your understanding about Applied Behavior Analysis and how this is used to teach individuals with ASD?

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