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EDSPE 427 Week 9  Quiz | Assignment Help | University of Washington

Module 9 Quiz


Question 1

In Alberto & Troutman (p269), which of the following strategies did Ms. Elliott use with Toni and Jake?


o   Differential reinforcement of alternative behavior (DRA)

o   Negative punishment

o   Extinction

o   Noncontingent reinforcement



Question 2

According to Alberto & Troutman, which of the following is NOT a problem with extinction?


o   Spontaneous recovery

o   Decreasing the likelihood of problem behavior

o   Imitation or reinforcement from peers

o   Extinction-induced aggression

o   Temporary increase in rate or intensity of behaviors (extinction burst)



Question 3

In example 5 on page 292 in Alberto & Troutman, what has gone wrong and how might the teacher improve the intervention for Bart's behavior?


Question 4

You are running an ABA session and your student accidentally cuts herself with scissors.  The cut is not deep but it did draw blood.  What should you do?

o   Safely attend to the wound wearing gloves


o   Safely attend to the wound wearing gloves, inform caregivers and your supervisor, and complete an incident report as soon as possible (at most within 24 hours).

o   Give her a bandaid

o   Safely attend to the wound wearing gloves and inform her caregivers



Question 5

Behavior technicians are mandatory reporters.


o   True

o   False


Question 6

Match each section of the session note to its definition.


o   Setting/subjective

o   Objective

o   Description of what happened in the session, including programs run and data

o   Assessment

o   Correct Answer

o   Any specific progress or changes on targets

o   Plan






Question 7

Which of the following notes are objective?

o   Harry yelled because he was frustrated today.

o   Imogen was smiling and laughing today when I used a yoda voice while playing with her. She requested that voice 14 times during session today.

o   June did well with her programs today because she was in a good mood.

o   Pasqualle had a 10 minute tantrum when his brother took his toy.



Question 8

Rewrite the following statement using professional language:

'She was out of control today!'


Question 9

Imagine you are a behavior technician working in a family's home.  The family asks 'Why are you teaching him that way?  What is the research behind that?'

How would you respond?



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