EDUC 310 Week 8 Quiz | Assignment Help | University of Washington

EDUC 310 Week 8 Quiz | Assignment Help | University of Washington

Question 1

What prevented James from dropping out of school?


o   school scholarship

o   a teacher who believed in him

o   shoes

o   family purchased more cows



Question 2

Who is the protagonist in Folawe's story?


o   a philanthropist

o   a snake

o   a teacher

o   an elephant

o   a hummingbird


Question 3

How many students were in Daniel's classroom in one of the "best" schools in northern Ghana (St. Gabriel's)?


o   50

o   80

o   25

o   Over 100



Question 4


What does Daniel say are the "twin revolutions" happening in the world today?


o   biotech and pandemics

o   info tech and biotech

o   climate change and war

o   clear vision and will



Question 5

All three cite one program that inspired them to join the Teach For All network. Which one?


o   Association of Private Schools of Nigeria

o   Teach for America

o   Teach For India

o   Maria Montessori

o   Enseña por Argentina



Question 6

James experienced extreme hardship and loss growing up in Uganda. After 10 years old, who was his primary caregiver?


o   father

o   older sister

o   grandmother

o   church group



Question 7

What did Folawe and her team in Nigeria do to support their teachers ("fellows") placed in primary classrooms with so many students?


o   offered stipends

o   provided extra professional development

o   placed two teachers in one classroom

o   asked the school to lower the class sizes


Question 8

How did James find a way to attend high school?


o   asked the president for help

o   visitors from the U.S. helped

o   asked neighbors for help

o   started a small business


Question 9

What policy was challenging for Daniel and his team as they placed teachers in grades 1-3?


o   recruited only those who spoke the local language

o   asked the school to change their policy 

o   trained people to teach in the local language

o   placed only in grades 4 and above



Question 10

In addition to poorly-trained / under-developed teachers as well as having to walk long distances to schools, what is another reason James cites for Uganda's educational challenges today?


o   students recruited into military

o   lack of facilities (bathrooms)

o   hunger

o   corrupt administration



Question 11

What questions does this podcast raise for you? (at least ten)


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