PHYS 1403 Week 7 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Central Texas College

PHYS 1403 Week 7 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Central Texas College

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•           In this discussion, we will continue our investigation of galaxies and investigate what is known as active galaxies. Active galaxies are those that demonstrate particularly energetic and active nuclei at their centers. These would include Seyfert galaxies with their dust rings and Radio galaxies with their large lobes of radio emissions. There are a couple of other mentionable galaxies such as Blazars, Quasars and Starburst Galaxies. Much of this activity it associated with supermassive black holes that reside at the center of these galaxies. We will discuss these galaxy types and also include an exploration of how galaxies are distributed across the universe.

Answer at least one of the two discussion questions by the midpoint of the lesson (Wednesday for a one week lesson and Saturday for a two-week lesson) and respond to at least two of your peers, or the instructor’s follow-up posts, in either thread no later than the last Sunday of the lesson.

You will get a maximum of 15 points for your initial discussion answer to Q1 or Q2 (choose 1) and a maximum of 5 points for each substantive reply to other learners for a total of 25 points total for each lesson discussion.    144



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