PHYS 1403 Week 8 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Central Texas College

PHYS 1403 Week 8 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Central Texas College

Lesson 8 Discussion: The Big Bang and Life in the Universe

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•           In the final set of discussion threads for the course, we will take a moment and step back from galaxies all together and look at the formation of the universe and the processes that took place as a consequence of the Big Bang. Additionally considering the enormity of the universe, containing for all intents and purposes an uncountable number of stars, coupled with the observation that planets are a typical byproduct of the formation of a star, this leads us to the final topic of discussion for the class: are we alone in the universe?

Answer at least one of the two discussion questions by the midpoint of the lesson (Wednesday for a one week lesson and Saturday for a two-week lesson) and respond to at least two of your peers, or the instructor’s follow-up posts, in either thread no later than the last Sunday of the lesson.

You will get a maximum of 15 points for your initial discussion answer to Q1 or Q2 (choose 1) and a maximum of 5 points for each substantive reply to other learners for a total of 25 points total for each lesson discussion.

Note: Lesson 8 replies are due by the last day of the class (typically Friday).



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