CI7230 Modelling Enterprise Architectures Course work - Disaster Relief Discover and Coordination

CI7230 Modelling Enterprise Architectures Course work - Disaster Relief Discover and Coordination 

These all relate to the description of Disaster Relief Co-ordination (DRCS) system given below. This

description should not be regarded as complete but can be regarded as accurate (in other words you can expand

upon it but your answer should not contradict it). You may want to investigate similar dating agency websites

for ideas! Please note that there are no absolutely definitive (or correct) answers to these. You will be assessed

on your ability to present the requirements in a clear and logical manner, the way you have addressed the

description of the system provided, and the quality of your discussion of the issues arising.

Note that you are required to present requirements and models for the new system at DRCS – much of the

discussion below relates to the current system. It is important to draw the diagrams using a UML case tool. For

each section some marks will be given for some explanation and design choices.

1. Draw a use case diagrams and produce 2 overall Activity Diagrams including swim-lanes and the

transitions of use cases. [12]

2. Produce 4 Prototypes presented as a storyboard [12]

3. Using the MVC pattern, produce 4 Sequence Diagrams corresponding to the 4 Prototypes [16]

4. Draw a class diagram and consider 1 class and from that draw a state-chart diagram [12]

5. Consider the class diagram in point 4 above and via object relational mapping develop an entity

relationship diagram ERD. [16]

6. Consider 1 sequence diagram from 3 above and your class diagram write the basic Java code including

the name of the class, attributes (including the relationships with other classes). Also include the

method name but not the method details. [16]

7. Redraw the Zachman Framework and complete it further considering where all the diagrams drawn in

this coursework would be presented and show where the component and deployment diagrams would

be presented as well. (Please note: you don’t need to actually draw a component or deployment diagram

for this coursework). [16]

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