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MATH 211 Week 6 Discussion | Embry Riddle Aeronautical University |  Assignment Help 

Module 6 - Discussion: Population Proportion Hypothesis Test



Introduction to Confidence Interval (YouTube - 6:41)


Go to a website for a company or agency that does polling, find the results of a poll they’ve done recently, and give a brief summary of the results. You can copy from their website as long as you tell where you got the info. Possible polling agencies are Gallup, Rasmussen, Zogby, RealClearPolitics, national news organizations, and others. Check other students’ postings before you do this and don’t report on a poll that another student has already done.

Here is an example summary of a poll result reported on a website:

Fewer U.S. adults who have flown in the past year are satisfied with the price they paid for their ticket.  In 2007, 65% were satisfied with the price but in late 2015 it is only 51%. (All other satisfaction measures – on time performance, courtesy of attendants, schedules, luggage handling, etc. – were up except a small dip regarding the comfort of seats.) The poll did not address any particular airline but the general perceptions of the flying public. Gallop reported these results (Links to an external site.) on December 23, 2015.


After posting the summary and link to the website, use what you have learned about confidence intervals in the reading and homework to provide the following details for one proportion/percentage reported.

1.      State the confidence interval estimate in two ways:

o    the upper and lower limits

o    the sample proportion ± the error term

o    (don’t forget to include the confidence level)

2.      Describe how the data was collected, including the sample size and dates.

3.      State the meaning of the confidence interval in terms of the specific question in the poll.


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