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MATH 211 Week 7 Asssignment | Embry Riddle Aeronautical  University Asssignment Help 

Project Plan: t-Test

Name:  _       



A.  Type of statistical test you plan to conduct (check one, and give relevant details)

1-sample t-test

a)   Target population:   _                                                


b)   Research variable:  _                                                


c)   Research question:  _                                                


d)   Expected result:  _                                                    


matched pairs t-test

a)   Target population(s):  US Population in the year 2016 from 15 years to 74 years.     


b)   The research variable will be thedifference


between  Age                        and  Income                   


c)   Research question:  Is there a relationship between age and income? More specifically, does the older one gets mean the more income one earns?    



The null and alternative hypothesis for the test are:







d)   Expected result:  The older one gets, the more income one earns. _      




2-sample t-test

a)   Target populations (2):  _                       


b)   Research variable:  _                                                       


c)   Research question:                                                           


d)   Expected result:                                                                 


B.  Data collection plan (check one, and give relevant details)

I will use data from a file. Give name of file and details below.

I will obtain data from a website(s). Give Name of website(s), full URLs and details below.

Census Bureau

Other data collection plan: Give specific details below.




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