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GM 525 Week 8 Discussion 2 | Franklin Pierce University | Assignment Help 

Discussion 8.2 - SDLC in Practice


As discussed in last week's readings, the SDLC provides a structured problem-solving framework, one that is applicable to other areas different to software development. 

Share your experiences in project management and the systems development lifecycle.  Perhaps you have been involved in all areas or just one (e.g., implementation).

Feel free to fit non-technical experiences into this model.

In my previous profession I was involved in a SDLC where we were transitioning from crude all paper system to one that integrated everything onto tablets so information could be more easily shared and dispersed.

Previously, all work orders were printed on paper and clipboards and I was tasked with delegating the clipboard to employees and assigning them jobs, while trying to relay any additional information. This process was slow, often lacked pertinent information, and created a mess with the cumbersome clipboards everywhere. Work orders were lost, or technicians notes were at times illegible.

Once we switched to the tablets it cleaned up the mess, made communication easier, and game everyone the ability to take pictures right on the work order. The process wasn't always easy, as the text notes "several developmental activities may be occurring at the same time, while certain activities within a given step may be repeated" (O'Brien and Marakas, 2011). This was true with out process, as we tweaked certain elements of the system as we went along to create a more customized and suitable platform. This process also involved continuously working with a rep from the software company, helping us to become more knowledgable about the system. Things weren't always perfect, but we were able to make it work and everyone was eventually comfortable and happy with the new system. 


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