GM 525 Week 9 Project | Franklin Pierce University | Assignment Help

GM 525 Week 9 Project | Franklin Pierce University | Assignment Help 

Module 9  Project


Prepare a summary of what you have learned.  Some of the ideas you might want to include in your summary are:

·         What have you learned?

·         What is your opinion about him/her?

·         What is your opinion about the industry?

·         How does his/her work relate to MIS/IT?  Do not limit this area to say that the guru uses IT to do the job!  Most of these gurus have made some kind of contribution to the information age.

·         What is your opinion about the project itself?

In addition, prepare a personal assessment of the project. You want your instructor to know how much you have learned (or not) in this project. Some of the questions you might want to answer include (do not use question/answer format, this is an essay written in APA style):

·         What do I think of my chosen guru? Even if your analysis is negative, some constructive criticism will not hurt.

·         What have I learned from this research?

·         Which information resources did I use?

·         What am I likely to remember from this research?

·         How would I rate the experience of learning how to conduct research by learning about a guru?

·         If I were to start this project all over again, what would I do differently? 

Make sure you cite your sources appropriately.  Your essay is required to be written in the APA style.


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