PHL 320T Week 3 Discussion | University of Phoenix

PHL 320T Week 3 Discussion | University of Phoenix

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Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to other students. 


Due Thursday 

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 


Select one of the following general claims and explain how you might find out if it is true. Begin by making the generalization more precise by clearly specifying the population and attribute in question and how you might select a sample from the population. Alternatively, if you think you already have evidence the claim is true, produce an argument that supports it.

·         Politicians can't be trusted.

·         Government intrudes in our private lives/business affairs too much.

·         Many welfare recipients take advantage of the system.

·         Anyone who really wants a job can find one.

·         University professors are liberals.

·         The media are biased.

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