BUS 120 Week 4 Discussion 2 | MiraCosta College

BUS 120  Week 4 Discussion 2 | MiraCosta College

This is a graded discussion: 10 points possible

due Jul 7, 2018

Chapter 8: Accounting (Week 4)

Please read the lecture slides for Chapter 8 before completing this assignment. You may find these lecture slides under the Files link on our left-hand menu, clicking on either the Lecture Slides (pdf) or Lecture Slides (ppt) folder (your choice; they contain identical information), and selecting the lecture slides for Chapter 8.

Or you can follow  this direct link:
pdf version: 
BUS-120_1670_chapter-8.pdf download
ppt version: 
BUS-120_1670_chapter-8.ppt download


Please answer the following:

Find (and include the working link to) a financial document from a major corporation. Complete the following:

a. What is the company's name? What type of financial document have you chosen?

b. What type of information does this type of financial document contain?

c. What was something interesting you learned from reading your chosen financial document?

d. Post the link to the chosen financial document


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