BUS 120 Week 5 discussion 1 | MiraCosta College

BUS 120 Week 5 discussion 1 | MiraCosta College

This is a graded discussion: 10 points possible

Chapter 9: Finance (Week 5)

Please read the lecture slides for Chapter 9 before completing this assignment. You may find these lecture slides under the Files link on our left-hand menu, clicking on either the Lecture Slides (pdf) or Lecture Slides (ppt) folder (your choice; they contain identical information), and selecting the lecture slides for Chapter 9.

Or you can follow  this direct link:
pdf version: BUS-120_1670_chapter-9.pdf download
ppt version: BUS-120_1670_chapter-9.ppt download


Please answer the following:

Recently you have started and opened a natural foods company specializing in organic locally-sourced ingredients. Sales have been very strong, and you have just received an offer from a very large company of $35 million in exchange for 50% of your company. Unfortunately, your potential investor is one of the largest snack foods companies in the world and doesn’t care for your organic, locally-sourced natural image. Do you accept the offer? Why or why not?


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