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HRMN 395 Week 8 Assignment Help | University Of Maryland University College 

Assignment Four - Task List Due End of Week Eight

This assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of course outcome:

4. Formulate a plan for implementing a total rewards program in order to ensure success of the program

To supplement the final paper that was submitted in week seven, you will develop an action plan or task list for implementing the recommendations for the total rewards program. You are encouraged to use a Gantt chart  to display a timeline and the interdependence or sequence of the activities. See that sample templates have been provided. However, a simple task list using Microsoft word or Excel a will also be acceptable. See that suggested steps are included Module four's commentary and are discussed in week seven's discussion thread. 

Be sure to include:

a step that explains how you will decide on the recommendations for the rewards

a step that describes how you will collect the data for each metric that will be used at the end of the task list to evaluate the total rewards

a step sharing how you will communicate the changes to the organization

for each task, state who will be responsible for the task

list the tasks in the order they will occur, for example, you will not communicate the rewards until approval has been given for them

approvals for the funding as applicable

specific steps (not, for example, that you will implement the changes)

the order in which those steps are to be taken (you may do this by listing the steps in the sequence they are to be done or if using a Gantt chart, when the task will begin and end)

the individuals responsible for each step (if the Gantt format does not allow for this, add notes somewhere to share the information)

the required resources for each step, if relevant, such as the funding, outside vendors, or consultants 

the three metrics that will used to evaluate the success of the rewards introduced (please know that you do not need to actually calculate the outcome such as a percentage of employees leaving due to the rewards, but just share what the metric is (such as that you will use turnover ratios based on total rewards success or failure)

The task list adds to the presentation/paper and aids in the identification of success measures and issues/problems encountered and overcome. 

Please submit this assignment separately in the appropriate assignment location and not with the final paper.

Links for resources for simple task list chart and Gantt chart are provided under Week Eight's Content.

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