BIBL 105 Week 1 Assignment | Regent University

BIBL 105 Week 1 Assignment | Regent University

Week 1 Assignment: Culture of Confusion Dialogue

This week, please respond to the following prompt(s) in your discussion forum:

·         Do you agree or disagree with Murray's analysis of the broader societal culture of confusion and the culture of confusion within the church? Why or why not?

To access the Groups area, click on the group number shown in the left menu (e.g., Group 1) to get to the group discussion board. Once inside, click on the Discussion Board option. Then, click on the dialogue link for that week. Click on Add Thread to create a space for your post. Click Submit to make your post available to the rest of the class. To respond to other students’ threads, click on Reply button in the bottom left corner inside of a message.

See the Syllabus for important late submission policies and penalties. 


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