MATH 302 Week 8 Discussion | American Public University System

MATH 302 Week 8 Discussion | American Public University System

 Week 8 Forum / Topic: How Will You Use Statistics?



During our course we have explored a number of different statistical applications and tools.  This week's forum provides you an opportunity to share some final thoughts regarding our course. Please take the time to share your perspective with us. 

1.     Which resources did you like best? Why? 

2.     How will you use the information in the future. This is your opportunity to consider--and then share--how you will employ the knowledge that you have gained during our course.

3.     Were the forums useful?  Will they be useful for you in real life?  Why or why not? 

4.     Where are you going from here? What course(s) do you plan to take next? 

5.     Feel free to share something interesting about yourself and/or how it relates to the course.  

Please keep in mind that my evaluation of your post will be based on the extent to which you participated and fostered a positive and effective learning environment--for yourself and others.  Participating and sharing are the keys.  Naturally, simply copying another person's post is prohibited.  

There are additional PDFs that were created to help you with the Homework, Lessons and Tests in RealizeIT.  While they won't be used to answer the questions in the discussion forum, they are just as useful and beneficial.  I encourage you to review these ASAP!  These PDFs are also located at the bottom of the forum.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words. You must also respond to at least 2 other students. Responses should be a minimum of 50 words and may include direct questions.


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