ENGL 102 Week 4 Assignment 1 | Canvas University

ENGL 102 Week 4 Assignment  1 | Canvas University

Argument Section

Argument Section

In the "Argument" section you will put forward your own ideas on your topic. Your goal here is to articulate your own position on your topic that is supported by evidence and expert analysis. Your argument could potentially be an attempt to answer the research question you articulated at the beginning of your research process.

As an example, if my topic was "Decriminalization of cannabis in Philadelphia" and my question was "What have been the effects of decriminalization of cannabis in Philadelphia?" my argument might be "Decriminalization of cannabis in Philadelphia has been a positive thing, and the city and state should proceed to legalize cannabis in Philadelphia." I would then have to support that claim with evidence. For the decriminalization piece, I could rely on data from Philadelphia. In arguing for legalization, I could bring in evidence from other places, similar to Philadelphia, where cannabis has been legalized. 

You must include and properly cite at least three unique sources in this section. You should have at least two to three citations per page.

This section should be at least three pages long.



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