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ENGL 098 Assignment 2 | Canvas University


      Growing up I sanged in my church choir. I was always so shy that when we performed you could barely tell I was actually singing. I use to try to tell my cousin to stand in front of me when we performed in front of big audiences. There were so many times when I would just bust out crying. I doubted myself so much I had absolutely no confidence in myself at all.

      My family loved that I actually joined the choir at a young age. They said“talent starts young and being in the church choir is where you become a star.” My family knew that I had a beautiful voice because I was never afraid to sing in front of them I was just shy to sing in front of big crowds. It took me so long to break out of my shell. I never thought that I would sound as good as the sopranos on my choir. My choir director Ms.Charlotte would always keep me in the front in rehearsals and put me right on the spot every time because she believed in me. She always said “I know that you have the potential and confidence to sing your heart out, you are my little star don't worry about who is watching you just close your eyes and pretend that it is just you and God on the room.” Those words were always so meaningful to me I just still felt like I couldn't get over being so afraid that I would mess up and people would laugh.

     Over the years I stopped singing on my church choir. It became boring to me because I felt that I just couldn't get over that I was so shy and scared to sing. I was never able to sing lead at all. Believe it or not that's all I ever wanted to do was be the lead singer of the choir. So I just started to join my school talent shows. Which was the dumbest thing I ever could have done because I could never even sing on my church choir without freezing or stumbling over the beat or lyrics. I was young and just wanted my voice to be heard.

     My Mom decided to sign me up for vocal lessons at the freedom theatre. I fell in love with the whole organization the moment I got there everyone was so full of joy and love it made me feel welcomed and apart of something. I never felt like this even when I was singing on my church choir everybody was always somewhat judgmental over everything it just wasn't working out for me and that was part of the reason why I was always so shy and afraid to sing. You shouldn't be comfortable with who your singing with in order to put on a good show my dad always told me that. Furthermore, it took me about a year to adapt to my vocal coach Ms. Lori because I was still breaking out of my shell but she helped me manage with her unique methods. After, a few more lessons I was performing on stage with the organization's role plays. I was the leading singer and oh was I excited because i always wanted to sing lead. I even started to get booked for kids birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and etc due to how many people would come to see the play there would be a lot of people in the audience. The freedom theatre


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