MNGT 5000 Week 2 Quiz | Webster University

MNGT 5000 Week 2 Quiz | Webster University

Question 1

Most of us make daily decisions that don't always involve the steps described in the "stages of effective decision making model" in chapter 3. Discuss how you are able to make effective decisions when time constraints make following the

Question 2

What creates the need for "scenario development" in the strategic planning process? Give examples as to how different factors might necessitate the need for scenario development.

Question 3

What role should "stakeholders" play in the formation of a company's strategic planning? Fully explain your answer.

Question 4

What are some of the changes or adaptations managers have had to make due to the "globalization" of the market place. Explain your answers and give examples.

Question 5

The functions of management have been called "kaleidoscopic" by some writers. How does the term relate to the management functions and why do some see them in this light?

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