MNGT 5000 Week 4 Assignment | Webster University

MNGT 5000 Week 4 Assignment | Webster University

Question 1

Review the Social Enterprise article on page 402 of the text and respond to the following question: What made Richard Murphy such an effective leader? Explain by drawing on information from the chapter about what makes a successful leader.

Question 2

Define span of control and discuss how span of control affects organizational structure and managerial effectiveness. 

Question 3

Why do organizations sometimes ignore the control function of management? As a top executive, how would you insure the group understood the necessity of proper controls and how would you insure the implementation and compliance to the established controls? 

Question 4

Several ethical systems or philosophies are described in the readings. Which one best describes your personal philosophy of ethics? Should you allow your personal ethics to control decisions you make on behalf of the organization you manage? 

Question 5

What control measures are in place in your organization that have a direct impact on you? Do you find them to be unnecessarily intrusive or do you find them to be helpful in monitoring success? Explain your answer.

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