MNGT 5590 Week 3 Discussion 2 | Webster University

MNGT 5590 Week 3 Discussion 2 | Webster University

Week 3 Discussion: Use ADR Theory to discuss Hannibal's Strategy

Expectations of Weekly Discussions Questions:

Use ADR theory ('choice of battles', 'relative strength', 'stakes', and resource movement) to discuss Hannibal's strategy as described in the video.

Expectations of Weekly Discussions Questions:

·         First, provide at least one original response for a grade to each Discussion question. Each course module (week) has 1-3 Discussion questions worth 5-25 points. 

·         Second, this is a discussion, which means you should respond to follow-up questions from your instructor or other students.  I respond to your comments for a reason, usually to clarify, sometimes to offer new insight, sometimes to point out mistakes you can learn from. These follow-up questions and discussions are not rhetorical - they are feedback to your response, and do require an answer for a discussion to take place.  Follow-up questions are essential to clarifying your understanding - do not skip! Move the discussion forward.  Treat the weekly Discussions as an extension to the lecture, to clarify concepts. 

·         Use supporting logic and content from traditional strategic management concepts (eText), as well as the ADR framework, and/or the Capstone Simulation.

·         Be organized in your thoughts and only answer and address the specific question asked. Do not 'core dump' information and tell us everything you know about a particular company, industry, or piece of history. The point is to address the question asked about 'strategy'.

·         Provide evidence of critical, graduate level thinking and thoughtfulness in your responses or interactions. Avoid simply repeating and summarizing what you've read.  Think about your answers and apply course concepts, adding to and extending the discussion of strategy to show you understand.

·         Contribute to the learning community by trying to motivate the discussion.

·         Be aware of grammar and sentence mechanics, this is a graduate level course afterall.

·         Use proper etiquette. Be respectful as this is a university classroom, and because it's the right thing to do.



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