MCOM 3010 Week 2 Assignment | Tulane University

MCOM 3010 Week 2 Assignment | Tulane University



Due Date: May 25

Grade: 5%

Resources: IBISWorld, Business Source Complete



Choose an industry related to your business of choice. Produce a one-page report detailing the industry outlook, competitive landscape, and recent performance of that industry. You will want to examine your industry using a Porter’s Five Forces Framework:

1. Competition in the industry

2. Potential of new entrants into the industry

3. Power of suppliers

4. Power of customers

5. Threat of substitute products

Ultimately, your report should conclude with a discussion of the difficulties of entering into this industry based on your research.



Your brief is a short report of one single spaced page(s) in length that provides as much detail as possible. Unlike a memo or letter, a brief does not address a specific individual. The goal is to produce a report equally accessible to anyone who receives it. An impersonal tone is useful for this type of assignment.

As always, use a Times New Roman, 12 point font with one inch margins throughout. Use expressive, “talking headings” for each section of the report and open with a heading centered at the top of the page instead of subject line.

Please submit your word files to Canvas by May 25th.





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