GENE 250 Week 4 Quiz | regent-university

GENE 250 Week 4 Quiz | regent-university

•             Question 1               

                What reward does God promise to those who obey the 5th commandment? (Ch8, Written in Stone, “Respect Authority”)                                       

        a.They will never die.

        b. The respect of one’s parents.

        c. A long and prosperous life.

        d.   Heaven

•             Question 2         

What was the conflict in duties that Jonathan experienced? (Ch8, Written in Stone, “Respect Authority”)           


                a. Steal a bike or miss his baseball game.

                b. Obey his mother or keep his promise to his friends.

                c. Obey his father or refuse to commit murder.

                d. Save the Israelites from the Philistines by telling a white lie or be honest.


•             Question 3

               Thomas Aquinas says the proper way for us to respond to the debts we cannot pay is  _______________. (The Four Cardinal Virtues, Ch7 “The Limits of Justice”)                                            

                a. compensations, restitutions, and satisfaction for our debts.

                b. sacrifice and obedience.

                c. religion, piety, and respect.

                d. justice and mercy.


•             Question 4                

                Pieper argues that each human being owes a debt he or she cannot fully repay to all of the following except _______________. (The Four Cardinal Virtues, Ch7 “The Limits of Justice”)                                       

                 a. one’s teachers.

                b. those in public office.

                c. one’s country.

                d.  one’s friends.


•             Question 5


                What, according to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is the principal criterion for an unjust law? ("Letter from a Birmingham Jail")                                     

                A law which is not rooted in the eternal law and the natural law.

                A law which does not receive the support of a majority of the citizens.

                A law which seems to favor one group over another.

                A law which cannot be universally accepted by all people in all places at all times.


•             Question 6               

                Perfect duties are “perfect” because_______________. (“Perfect and Imperfect Duties: A Brief Introduction”)                                              

                a. they are part of God’s Moral Law.

                b. they involve what you should do rather than what you should not do.

                c. they are sometimes moral absolutes.

                d. they can never be replaced or eclipsed by what one considers to be a more important obligation and therefore must always be fulfilled.


•             Question 7


                According to Ryken, stealing is wrong because _______________. (Ch11, Written in Stone, “What’s Mine is God’s”)                                               

                a. it is illegal.

                b. it takes away what God has given to others and it shows we don’t trust that God will give us all that we truly need.

                c. it deprives the poor of what is due to them.

                d. it is the worst injustice one person can commit against another.


•             Question 8


                John Chrysostom, a 4th century church father, says _______________. (Ch11, Written in Stone, “What’s Mine is God’s”)                                               

                a. theft can be justified if the things stolen are done for the glory of God.

                b. that, when the rich deprive the poor their means of life so that they are not able to meet their immediate needs for survival, this also is theft.

                c. the rich man will live a miserable life if he fails to give some of his wealth to the poor.

                d. even the poor, if caught stealing, should be severely punished.


•             Question 9


                Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica says _______________ “everything is common property” in cases of “urgent and blatant necessity” when “immediate needs must be met.” (Summa Theologica II-II q.66)                                    

                a. theft is a grievous crime because

                b. what is called “theft” is based entirely on the circumstances, since

                c. theft is always morally wrong, but that

                d. theft is sometimes morally permissible because


•             Question 10


                Gallington and Wagner claim that _______________. (“Taking on China’s Intellectual Property Theft”)                                

                a. the Obama administration did a much better job preventing Chinese intellectual property theft than President Trump’s administration has.

                b. 70% of all Apple computers sold worldwide are illicit Chinese copies.

                c. the U.S. has yet to indict or arrest a Chinese citizen for stealing trade secrets.

                d. a key part of the Chinese strategy to build up its economy has been to steal U.S. intellectual property.


•             Question 11


                The intellectual property theft study published in the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing found that the country with the lowest percentage of people who illegally downloaded their last acquired music was _________ (2.06%), whereas the highest percentage country was _______ (93.59%). (“A Global Consumer Decision Model of Intellectual Property”)                                         

               a.  the U.S.; Tunisia

                b. Germany; China

                c. Finland; Sweden

                d. Japan; Mexico


•             Question 12                

                According to the authors, the purpose of their paper was to _____________. (“A Global Consumer Decision Model of Intellectual Property”)                                              

               a. show how different cultures have different attitudes about right and wrong.

                b. explain why illegal downloading of music occurs.

                c. argue that the only way to keep people from illegally downloading music is to present them with a real threat of punishment.

                d. explain why utilitarian reasoning is superior to rule-based reasoning.


•             Question 13


                By “subjective norms,” the authors of the study mean _____________. (“A Global Consumer Decision Model of Intellectual Property”)                                  

                a. the degree to which intellectual property theft is considered socially acceptable.

                b. an individual’s belief about whether or not intellectual property theft is morally wrong.

                c. the beliefs about the consequences of performing the behavior combined with the valuation of these consequences.

                d. the laws in place within each country designed to punish intellectual property theft.



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