GOVT 201 Syllabus Quiz | regent-university

GOVT 201 Syllabus Quiz | regent-university

Question 1

Which of the following is one of your course learning objectives (CLOs)?

Understand the basics of college-level writing.

Students will evidence knowledge of the foundational role of free enterprise in the American political system.

"Identify the key persons, events and movements in the course subject material."

Develop biblical answers to discipline-specific problems.

Question 2

"In the Christian Foundations of Academic Integrity section of the syllabus, academic integrity is discussed from all the following viewpoints EXCEPT:"





Question 3

Which of the following assignment or group of assignments carries the highest weight:

Reading Quizzes

Discussion Board

Final Exam

Syllabus Quiz

Question 4

"All assignments MUST be submitted by the end of the course. All assignments not submitted by this time will be given a ""0""."






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