MATH 201 Week 2 Discussion | regent-university

MATH 201 Week 2 Discussion | regent-university

I have chosen the problem number 5 for this week’s discussion.  The graph displays the data of number of robberies that occurred during afternoon hours. The graph is sending a message that the number of robberies are at peak during the 12 pm to 6 pm period.

When we look at the graph carefully, it is observed that the intervals on the x-axis are not equal. One of the interval is taken for double duration (6 hours) as compared to the other intervals (3 hours).  So it is obvious that the data value of two intervals are merged in it, to portray a higher percentage during that time period.

The graph is misleading, as the rate might not be that high when we take the interval length into factor, the data needs to be observed at equal time intervals, such that proper information is displayed.

The graph can be improved by taking equal intervals on the x-axis, so that the graph gives correct information to the users.

It seems that the graph has been created to show bias and create an impression in the mind of viewers that the 12 pm to 6 pm is the time when majority of robberies occur.  This might create a feeling of insecurity in the mind of viewers and they would become reluctant in moving out of their homes during that time.


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