MATH 201 Week 5 Discussion | regent-university

MATH 201 Week 5 Discussion | regent-university

Probability has something to do with a chance. It is the study of things that might happen or might not. We use it most of the time, usually without thinking of it. We don’t perform actual probability problems in our daily life but use subjective probability to determine the course of action or any judgment. Everything from the weather forecasting to our chance of dying in an accident is a probability.

If we know the probability of certain outcome, we can take proper decisions on the basis of same.  If we are going out and there is a prediction of rain, we can carry umbrella/raincoat with us.  If heavy showers are predicted, we can cancel our plan of going out.

A real life example would be betting in sports.  Looking at the past records, people take decisions, whether a team is going to win the match or not.  They are basically using probability. 

I do not think that God want us to use probability data to make decisions.  If we start doing everything after calculating probabilities, we will avoid taking most of the decisions.  God has given us ablity to think.  We should use our knowledge judiciously and take decisions that do not harm others.


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