UNIV 100 Week 8 Assignment | regent-university

UNIV 100  Week 8 Assignment | regent-university


Personal Development Plan


Step One: Personal Profile (350-450 word reflection/summary)

Those I love and those close to me have often defined my character to be that of a caring and compassionate individual, especially to those around me who are in need of it the most. Because of these character traits, no one was surprised when I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Nursing. Additionally, God has granted me the gift of versatility,allowing me the ability to step into almost any roll with ease and agility. 

From a young age, my beliefs and my faith have directed me throughout how I have lived my life and associated with people around me. My morality and ethical beliefs have helped in the association with individuals from different backgrounds as well as religions, thus being effective in coordinating with each other upon being in a group setting in achieving a given objective or accomplishing given tasks. I feel God has led me to the Navy to fulfil my calling. When reading through my findings from the Character Index and Strengths assessments, it did not surprise me that various traits were highlighted, such as my indecisiveness or that I am not an entrepreneur. I have known these things about myself, which I believe, has led me to join the Navy. Through combining these traits with my desire to serve not only those I love, but also my country, my deep sense of compassion, and my versatility, I have become an outstanding Sailor. The deeper I delve into what I felt was God’s purpose for my life, the more I realized I wanted to hone in on the two things that always seemed to be most fulfilling to me, which are serving and sharing my compassion with others. This journey that I have been traveling and the thought process I have been following has led me to where I am today, planning out the steps it will take to reach my goal of becoming not only a mother of four, the wife of a strong Christian man, a United States Sailor, a nurse with a full BSN, but also a nurse in the US Navy and ultimately, if God is willing, a Midwife. 


Step Two: Goals (no word limit but should be at least 750 in length)

·         Goal #1 (1–year): My first and most immediate goal, one that I would like to complete within a years time is acquiring the necessary requirements to be able to submit my package and be selected into the Navy’s esteemed Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP).

There are many steps that come before being able to finally submit a package requesting selection for MECP. These items include writing an acceptance essay on why I should be selected for the program, compiling letters of recommendations from doctors and nurses I have worked with over my years in the Navy, having SAT scores from within the last 3 years that meet program requirements, completing a certain number of prerequisites for the nursing program at the college of my selection, being accepted into said chosen school’s nursing program with a letter of acceptance, competing with other applicants in a review board held by US Naval Officers who are both Nurses and Doctors, completing a higher level physical fitness exam, and various additional items.


·         Obstacles: One of the most pressing obstacles that instantly comes to mind when I think through the process to accomplish each of these items, is that I am the type of person that prefers to stay within my comfort zone, and not venture too far from my routine. Sitting in front of a panel of people answering questions that I am unable to prepare for is what I would imagine sitting in front of a panel of judges feels like. I will also have a difficult time with both the essay and the letters of recommendations for the same reason, I have a very difficult time praising myself or asking for things from others. I love to serve, I have a very difficult time asking for something from someone else.  


·         Strategies: My approach in addressing these obstacles is to set aside my fears and pray for courage to stay focussed on the goals I have set. Luckily, joining the Navy has already begun opening me up to being outside of my comfort zone, especially for things that are important to me. Nothing about joining the Navy was easy or comfortable, but through God and through the support of my family, I made it! In addition to the obstacles I foresee arising through this process, I must also prepare myself to take the SAT, get accepted into the nursing program I have chosen, prepare myself to stand boards, and complete the required number of prerequisites for the nursing program. 


·         Action Steps: I will find a mentor who has gone through MECP to help guide me and prepare me for what I might expect through the entire process which will in turn not only mentally prepare me, but also help give me more confidence in what I am doing. I will sign up for a study course to prepare for the SAT as I have never taken it before and am unsure exactly what to expect. I will confidently write an essay with positive thoughts from both family and close friends. And lastly I will stay focused with a clear and decisive list of the required classes I need to take, take them two at a time, and when I have them completed I will reach out to the nursing school I have chosen and apply for their nursing program. 


·         Measures: The use of a timeline shall be a critical measure in meeting the set expectation. Giving a period of 10 months, all items except for the acceptance into nursing school should be fully completed and achieved. The final step is the acceptance letter which will come once I have completed everything else.


·         Goal #2 (3-5 year): Completion of the Degree Program for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)


·         Obstacles: Among the significant obstacles I shall be facing in the pursuit of my degree program is time management, not only because I will be going through a rigorous degree program as a Sailor in the Navy, but also as a mother of 4 and a wife. The program shall require an intensive 3-year learning process and evaluation, requiring an immense amount of time to carry out assignments, projects, research as well as personal studies.


·         Strategies: The use of a time table shall prove to be efficient in addressing the obstacle in time management. The tool shall allocate a favorable amount of time in covering my allocated tasks and assignments throughout the program. In addition, surrounding myself with individuals who are performing well and are like-minded people shall not only motivate me but also provide me with the necessary assistance in completing my degree.

·         Action Steps: Keeping a detailed calendar and schedule will be key in creating a timetable for me to follow. Approaching professors and students ahead in my class when I am struggling, in order to access additional help and advice is the best means of approaching given units in the degree.  


·         Measures: Weekly check-ins with professors, attending study groups and getting in extra practice in the practical applications lab along with keeping a daily task list will help keep me on track and ensure I do not fall behind or miss valuable information each week.


·         Goal #3 (10 year): Acquiring a Masters of Science in Nursing to be able to become a Midwife

·         Obstacles: Among the challenging aspects at this given stage is the element of age, skills, ability, responsibilities, and time.


·         Strategies: It is critical to ensure that at the given time, I maintain my motivation and focus in achieving the next stage in my career and also the focus that I ultimately wanted to end up in OB GYN. Therefore, the first strategy is continuously pursuing the master’s degree program upon completion of my undergraduate program. The approach shall eliminate the obstacle in the thought of age. Other techniques in keeping my motivation are ensuring self-care and healthy living by participating in mental fitness programs such as meditation. WIth the aspect of time, my time would still at this point belong to the Navy, but if I am continuously showing that I am an asset to the Navy and that I still want to better myself, they should not be opposed to me continuing my education.  


·         Action Steps: The program tool to be set (timetable) is to capture motivational programs that shall assist in the progress of achieving my master’s program. The use of supportive persons such as instructors and high performing students shall also contribute to the progress of achieving the master certification at a better rate.

·         Measures: The use of timelines that are in line with the learning institution shall assist in achieving the set objective of completing my course and receiving my Masters of Science in Nursing.


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