PSY 0461 Quiz 2 | San Francisco State University

PSY 0461 Quiz 2 | San Francisco State University

Question 1

The process of attracting people with the right qualifications to apply for the job is called:

Select one:

 a. recruitment

 b. interviewing

 c. assessment

 d. job analysis

Question 2

Most evidence suggests that the typical unstructured interview is a _______ predictor of future performance.

Select one:

 a. Excellent

 b. Good

 c. Perfect

 d. Poor

Question 3

The major disadvantage of cognitive ability tests is that, although they are very good predictors of job performance they often result in:

Select one:

 a. adverse impact

 b. invasion of privacy

 c. high testing costs

 d. applicant attrition

Question 4

Josie interviews for a job and the interviewer asks her questions like, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” and “Why do you want this job?” This interview was MOST likely a(n):

Select one:

 a. puzzle interview

 b. unstructured interview

 c. structured interview

 d. serial interview

Question 5

According to meta-analytic data, grade point average (GPA) is most highly correlated with:

Select one:

 a. future job performance

 b. graduate school grades

 c. starting salary

 d. number of work promotions

Question 6

Research indicates that realistic job previews (RJPs) are associated with higher job performance and lower:

Select one:

 a. training costs

 b. voluntary turnover

 c. job satisfaction

 d. organizational commitment

Question 7

Which Big Five factor includes characteristics such as trusting, cooperative, and flexible?

Select one:

 a. Emotional Stability

 b. Agreeableness

 c. Extraversion

 d. Openness to Experience

Question 8

Placing a help-wanted sign on a pizza box or a placemat is an example of:

Select one:

 a. Electronic media advertising

 b. Point-of-Purchase recruitment

 c. Internal recruitment

 d. Social media outreach

Question 9

Which statement regarding integrity testing is TRUE?

Select one:

 a. They result in significant adverse impact

 b. They are costly to develop and administer

 c. Male applicants have a higher fail rate than female applicants

 d. Older applicants have a higher fail rate than younger applicants

Question 10

Felicia applies online for a sales job with a large retail organization. She answers questions like, “Have you ever given a speech to a large group of people?” and “In school, were you ever the leader of a club or organization?” What type of test did Felicia take?

Select one:

 a. Biodata

 b. Integrity

 c. Interest

 d. Career preference

Question 11

A manufacturing plant starts an employee referral program in which employees referring applicants will receive an incentive. The incentive system will be MOST effective if employees are rewarded:

Select one:

 a. as soon as the referral submits a job application

 b. when the referral receives a job offer

 c. when the referral accepts a job with the organization

 d. after the referral has been on the job for six months

Question 12

Good biodata items should be:

Select one:

 a. Internal

 b. Summative

 c. Subjective

 d. Historical

Question 13

The primary disadvantage of work sample tests is that they:

Select one:

 a. have low face validity

 b. result in high adverse impact, compared to cognitive ability tests

 c. are costly to develop and administer

 d. are poor predictors of job performance

Question 14

According to meta-analytic research, the Big Five factor that is the best predictor of job performance across a wide variety of jobs is:

Select one:

 a. Emotional Stability

 b. Conscientiousness

 c. Agreeableness

 d. Extraversion

Question 15

Compared to unstructured interviews, structured interviews are:

Select one:

 a. less reliable

 b. more valid

 c. more likely to be legally challenged

 d. less job relevant

Question 16

Which type of tests are designed to tell an employer the probability than an applicant would steal money or merchandise?

Select one:

 a. Theft analysis inventories

 b. Projective tests

 c. Social desirability tests

 d. Integrity tests

Question 17

According to meta-analytic data, the highest correlation between education and job performance is found in which profession?

Select one:

 a. Firefighters

 b. Military personnel

 c. Police officers

 d. Engineers

Question 18

Which selection method has the WORST validity for predicting job performance?

Select one:

 a. Integrity tests

 b. College grades

 c. Interest inventories

 d. Handwriting analysis

Question 19

Which of the following is the most commonly used incentive program used by organizations for employee referrals?

Select one:

 a. Incentive if the referral submits an application

 b. Incentive if the referral results in an interview

 c. Incentive if the referral results in a hire

 d. Incentive if the referral receives a job offer

Question 20

An interviewer asks a job applicant to, “describe a time when you had a conflict with a peer, co-worker, or supervisor. What caused the conflict? How was the conflict resolved?” This is an example of a ______________ interview question.

Select one:

 a. situational

 b. developmental

 c. behavioral

 d. brainteaser


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