HCA 315 Week 2 Discussion | Southwestern College

HCA 315 Week 2 Discussion | Southwestern College

The concept of supply, indicate the amount of care that can be made available, which can include examples like; staffing, beds available for patients, and equipment, to name a few. The concept of demand indicate the quantity of health services the population wants. For example, Inpatient admissions: a high number of admissions can reflect a high demand for a particular service. Disparities in health across socio-economic status are substantial. Patterns exist across a wide range of measures of socio-economic status, such as education and wealth, and across all indicators of health, including the onset of chronic diseases, disability and mortality. Regional disparities about health care costs shows wide variations in spending across the U.S., with spending more than three times higher in some regions than others. Patients in higher cost areas are not necessarily receiving better care; rather, the cost variations are explained by the availability and volume of services used by similar patients. As it relates to the article, disparities from Central America mostly concerns buying things from the black market supplying their demand, in a cheaper way. Buying from the black markets sometimes can be the only way for people who is trying to survive in a new place, and do not have legal judgment or concern. 

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