HCA 315 Week 3 Assignment | Southwestern College

HCA 315 Week 3 Assignment | Southwestern College

The purpose of this Assignment is to provide the opportunity for you to further your critical thinking skills, further develop your writing effectiveness concerning a relevant healthcare topic, and demonstrate your understanding of critical terms and concepts related to the assigned topic, and their application to the healthcare industry.  The question that this assignment is to address is as follows:

General clinics within hospitals are popping up all over the United States. Some say that this is to reduce costs to the consumer as well as to the hospital.

Analyze the factors that would lead a hospital to do this.

Identify a hospital in your area that opened a walk-in/family type clinic within the hospital(not an emergency room) and provide an overview of how this implementation reduced costs to the consumer and reduced costs to the hospital itself.

o Discuss the consumer benefits:

How has it saved the consumer money?

Has it provided greater access to care?  How so?

Has it provided more timely access to care?  how so?

o Discuss the Hospital benefits:

Is the hospital making money or losing money with this decision, i.e. increase in revenue or loss of revenue?

Has it saved the hospital money and if so, explain?

Did costs increase or decrease or stay the same?

Did it increase overall efficiency within the Emergency Room?

Has it increased efficiency in manpower?

Discuss the factors that make healthcare cost so much.

Be sure to tend to the question in a complete and substantive manner with expert support for your conclusion.


A minimum of three (3) pages or 750 words excluding the title page and references, which are required.

Use support from at least three reputable Healthcare sources (other than course materials), i.e.  Course reading, professional association Web-based materials, and/or professional or peer-reviewed journal articles written in the last five years are required as sources.

Use APA format.

o Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced with 1" margins.

o Title and reference pages are required.

o An abstract is not required.

o Include a titled introduction, conclusion, and major section headings.

Be sure to review the assignment grading rubric and the requirements listed above to ensure you are meeting the assignment’s criteria.

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