HCA 315 Week 5 Project Assignment | Southwestern College

HCA 315 Week 5 Project Assignment | Southwestern College

To culminate the session's learning, you will conduct research on a topic related to healthcare economics and prepare a Healthcare Economic Evaluation. 

For this assignment, you can draw upon any issue within health care that can deeply affect economics. Be very specific in identifying the issue, up-front so that your audience is in tune with what you are about to present.  Also-include your conclusion of how to address the issue and if there is a resolution.and what would be the economic effect on the healthcare system with this solution?

Be sure to include ONE of the following Types or Methods of Economic Evaluation (Sample presentation):

·         Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

·         Cost Effective Analysis (CEA)

·         Cost Utility Analysis (CUA)

·         Cost Minimization Analysis (CMA)

·         Cost-Consequence Analysis (CCA)

The format of this assignment will be a three-to-five minute Public Service Announcement, which incorporates your research into a succinct message for an audience of your choosing, i.e. are you a Consultant, Educator, Physician, Vendor Rep, Student, etc.  Please identify your role and who your targeted audience is.

Part 1 to be completed and submitted during Week 5:  Upload your Presentation here for your instructor to grade.

Part 2  to be completed and submitted for Week 6:  Upload your Presentation to share your PSA with you classmates prior to Week 6, in the Discussion forum.

·         You will need to upload your Presentation from Unit/Week 5 by Sunday 11:59  of Week 5. This allows you time to engage with your peers over your presentation.


·         A minimum of eight (8) slides not including the title and references slides

·         A title and reference slides are required

·         Speaker notes are required

·         References should be cited in APA format

·         Please note--this is a presentation with voice narration

·         Use your SC account for Zoom 

·         Upload link to video for your peers to access



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