MGT 380 Week 4 Quiz | ashford university

MGT 380  Week 4 Quiz | ashford university

Question 1

Which of the following is an accurate list of types of “hard” power?


A.      Legitimate, reward, and coercive 

B.      Referent, reward, and coercive  

C.      Referent, expert, and reward  

D.      Reward, coercive, and prestige


Question 2

If given the choice, which of the following strategies should the leader pursue?


A.      Low effort, low impact  

B.      High effort, low impact  

C.      Low effort, high impact  

D.      High effort, high impact




Question 3

Which of the following statements is the most accurate regarding the use of organizational politics within organizations?


A.      It is possible to learn to recognize and use politics to enhance performance.  

B.      Political behavior tends to ruin relationships and create in-fighting among departments.  

C.      Political relationships are stable; once relationships are established, they stay the same.  

D.      Engaging in politics is detrimental to one’s career.



Question 4

Which of the following is most likely to result in commitment from employees?


A.      Becoming verbally angry when people resist change  

B.      Offering rewards as long as people do the work!  

C.      Discussing vision and long-term benefits for the action  

D.      Threatening to fire people if they do not comply



Question 5

Jason’s background is in mathematics, and he tends to use big data in order to spot trends in customer spending habits. Jason fits which of the strategy archetypes?


A.      Surveyor  

B.      Fund manager  

C.      Architect 

D.      Visionary



Question 6

Manuel is conducting market research in order to understand the factors that differentiate his training program from others in the market. Manuel is engaging in which of the following “sights” of corporate theory?


A.      Foresight 

B.      Hindsight   

C.      Insight  

D.      Cross-sight



Question 7

Dave sees conflict as a game he prefers to win. When he realizes that someone needs the same resources as him, he immediately starts engaging in tactics in order to obtain the resources for himself. Dave’s conflict style can best be described as:


A.      accommodation.  

B.      competition.  

C.      collaboration. 

D.      avoidance.



Question 8

While growing his tech startup, Jerry’s team explores potential areas for growth within the market. Jerry is engaging in which of the following “sights” of corporate theory?


A.      Foresight  

B.      Hindsight 

C.      Cross-sight 

D.      Insight



Question 9

Matt likes to delegate tasks, giving his employees the authority to make decisions and engage peers in projects. Matt is engaging in:  

A.      dividing and conquering.  

B.      commitment.  

C.      modeling.  

D.      empowerment.


Question 10

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding organizational strategy?


A.      Strategy is formed based on the organization’s business model. 

B.      Developing strategy is an ongoing process involving adjustments due to threats and opportunities.  

C.      The strategy should be determined by the founder or CEO.    

D.      Once a strategy is determined, tweaking and altering the strategy will only cause confusion.


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