MAT125 Week 4 Discussion 1 | Front Range Community College

MAT125 Week 4 Discussion 1 | Front Range Community College


This is a discussion board to permit students to actively participate in a group, and assist their classmates to prepare for the module exam with explanations of solutions for homework application problems.


Post a thorough solution to an even numbered problem from the Application pages of any Section included in the e-textbook for this module. The Application problems are at the back of each homework set following a blue “APPLICATIONS” banner. For instance, in Section 12.1 the Application problems start with #51. Check OTHER STUDENTS' POSTS before starting your solution so you don't duplicate work!

The solution must restate the original problem as it is written. You may find it stated in a paragraph above a group of problems as in 12.1 #68-71 - Restate the paragraph titled "Velocity" and then the individual equation.

You must list and explain all steps you took to get to the solution, including any diagrams that are needed. Neatness and thoroughness are factors in your grade for the assignment, and someone should be able to teach the concept using your post as an example.

I've included an example of a very good post on the Module 2 board; this is what you should be trying to achieve. If you can't see any posts pull down the bar beneath this paragraph to enlarge the upper window.


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