MANAGMNT 330 Week 3 Quiz | university-of-massachusetts-amherst

MANAGMNT 330 Week 3 Quiz | university-of-massachusetts-amherst

•             Question 1         

                According to Leadership Challenge, leadership is about:              

                Question 2              

                According to Professor Simons, who ran the "Gorilla" experiment, Individuals often overlook information in their environments when it does not pertain to the immediate task at hand, because of their..                                           


•             Question 3               

                According to Kouzes and Posner (authors of "The Leadership Challenge"), what do leaders to need to understand and demonstrate in order to "Model the Way?"                                               


•             Question 4         

                At its very core, leadership is a function of an individual's...                                         


•             Question 5               

                Which of the following statements about leadership is inconsistent with what Kouzes and Posner tell us in “The Leadership Challenge?”               


•             Question 6               

                As described in “The Leadership Challenge,” when Dick Nettell first became the leader of Bank of America’s Call Center, he met with employees to do what?                                     


•             Question 7               

                As a leadership practice, "Encouraging the Heart" is most importantly a way for leaders to:                                          


•             Question 8               

                According to Daniel Kahneman (“Before You Make That Big Decision”), which of the following statements is most accurate with regards to our ability to recognize our own biases?


•             Question 9               

                Fox Pictures greenlights a sequel to their latest blockbuster movie. When the director pitches some new ideas for the sequel, the studio executives tell him not to change anything in the sequel because "the first movie was a hit!" The executives are likely showing which perceptual bias here?                                          


•             Question 10               

                When looking at the "old woman / young woman" illusion (please google it), individuals in groups tend to see one of two distinct pictures despite the fact that they are looking at the same image. What does this finding suggest?                                             

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