Cloud-based data storage report

Accounting Incorporated 

Cloud-based data storage report 

Fundamentals of cloud-based data storage

Given explanation of what cloud-based data storage is. Anna has a fairly basic level of computer literacy, so ensure that the explanation is aimed at her level. 

Cloud- based data storage service options

Give details of at least three cloud-based data storage services that could be used by Accountants Support. Include the price of the services and what services are being offered. 

Relevant legislation.

Give a summary of legislation which may affect the use of cloud-based data storage. 

Cost-benefit analysis

Describe how a cost benefit analysis is performed.

The do a basic cost-benefit analysis of the move to cloud-based data storage. 


Identify any potential risks of moving to cloud-based data storage. 


Potential opportunities associated with introducing cloud-based data storage forAccountants Support. 


Your recommendation of what type of cloud-based data storage service would be appropriate for Anna’s needs. Give the reasons for your recommendation. 

Business case

Make a business case for using cloud-based data storage in the future.

Accounting Incorporated 

System Usage Report 

Analysis of the staff responses,

Identify any issues they have had with the new system 

Solutions for any issues 

Communicating solutions

Include a further training session

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