Project Summary


The project is about launching a new software in the systems of organization that will reflect the availability of material and physical resources in the company. In addition, it will help in tracking the inventory, provide production status, and can be accessed by particular individuals who will be project stakeholders. Since, in general, there are multiple projects that goes in an organization, there would be limited access given to each of the project stakeholders such that they could see only their project related information not anyone else. This way the software holds the security and authentic nature of the information in its system.

The project will begin in Apr’21 and the final launch will happen in Jul’21. With the launch of software, a one-week training program will be organized to teach organization employees about how it is to be used and its pros and cons. The software will be launched through a series of processes starting with finalizing software specifications, its design and implementation, its validation, and lastly evolution (

Project Objectives

1.      Providing a new ecosystem in the organization that includes understanding the complexity of the software, systems interconnectedness, its intrinsic value as per the outcome it provides.

2.      To promote digital transactions and transformations within the organization for error-free record keeping.

3.      To get real-time information and quick access to the information that will increase productivity and curb losses.

(Kettunen&Laanti, 2017)

Project Goals

1.      To speed-up the company processes and making projects result-oriented.

2.      To match up the complexities of the business environment and meet production goals according to the demand of the customer.

3.      To enhance quick decision-making by quick access of information that further enhances the communication within the organization.

(Kettunen&Laanti, 2017)

The key customers of this project would be the end-users, that is, organization employees and the two project stakeholders are project manager and project team members (project planning team and quality assurance team) from IT department hired specifically for this project. These stakeholders would be responsible for delivering quality product to the end users with streamlined functioning and user-friendly features that will make the product readily adaptable.

Key Milestones/Project Deliverables

Whether the end users are organization employees (internal stakeholders) or product buyers (external stakeholders), there are certain essential milestones that are related with every software project. These are:

1.      To gather purpose/requirement of the project–Before, designing the software, it is essential for the developers to imbibe the objectives that will be achieved by the project. It is also essential to know about the scope of the work to be accomplished that will put up all the tasks and functions that the software must perform.

2.      Validating the requirements expected out of the project–After being list down, the requirements must be validated with the technical team involved in the project for making the final specifications and how these are going to be achieved. Just designing a software could be too generic till the tools and functional requirements to be used in designing the software gets finalized.

3.      Predevelopment Planning–The planning teams involved are technical design team that plans the resources, interfaces such as user, hardware, software, and communications, and system features like performance, safety, security, and quality. The project planning team would be considering the suitable project management model amongst agile and waterfall method. The third team involved in predevelopment is Quality Assurance team that has to decide on the test cases to be conducted according to the software requirements. It will design the test script and set up the conditions for testing before development begins(Smith).

Key Tasks and Project Status Report 

The possible timeframe can be as follows:

Project Overall Cost and Staffing

The factors responsible for overall pricing of the project are:

Technical factors – platform, UI/UX design, development, and testing.

The cost of the project can be ballparked as Project Resource Cost x Project time = Project cost.

~$1,000/day – for a developer*

~$10,000/week for a team*

The rough costing taking into account the factors like experience, role, size, and location also needs to be considered. Based on this costing, following is the pricing chart prepared for the project:

                                         Small        Medium         Large       Enterprise

Software Modification  $3k-$10k   $20k-$50k   $80k-$150k  $100,000+

Web Development     $10k-$30k$20k-$60k$60k-$150k$80,000+

Software Integration$15k-$40k$50k-$80k$70k-$100k$80,000+

New Software$25k-$60k$50k-$100k$100k-$250k$125,000+

(Wilson, 2020)

Key Staffing and Non-staffing resources

Project Manager

Project Planners

Software Developers     

Quality Assurance


It can be concluded that the success of the project depends upon end user experience.













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