Understand synchronization and deadlocks

Understand synchronization and deadlocks

Assesment 2

Assesment type : Report – individual Assignment

Purpose : This Assesment will allow demonstrate that they can identify and understand synchronization and deadlocks . This Assesment Contributes to learning Outcomes b and c .

Value: 30% (report 20% : Presentation 10%)

Due Date : Report Submission Via Moodle (Week 9)

Assesment Topic : Analysis Of an Operating system scenario , computer organisation and architecture report

Task Detail : The report will require analysis of an operating system scenario and a report on the systems and logical issues involved , as well as options for resolving the problems and subsequent Implications  

Assignment Details : Assess the significance of locality and its applicability across a broad range of memory hierarchies . Write a report and expand on the justifications given in chapter 1 and chapter 8 of the book . Operating system internals and design principles

You should use internet resources and other books as well . Your report should be clearly structured

Prepare a brief presentation of your report and present it to the rest of the class . you must provide refrences and cite the resources that you consulted for this assignment . Harvard refrencing is the required method 

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