Global-Technologies is a system engineering company

Global-Technologies’ is a system engineering company

Submission Rules

The assignment should be your own work and written in your own words (1500 words + relevant material in Appendices). It will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin. Any plagiarism or copying from others will be dealt with through the university’s plagiarism procedures.

Your assignment must be submitted electronically via BlackBoard (Assignments tab) by the submission time. The report should be contained in a Word document, or PDF. No other means of submission will be accepted. The software code will be submitted independently.

Any assignment submitted late but within 5 working days of the deadline will be given a maximum mark of 50%. Assignments submitted more than 5 working days after the deadline will not be marked, and a mark of 0% will be recorded.

Sensors, Instrumentation & Control, MP4706 – Assessment 1 2020/21


 ‘Global-Technologies’ is a system engineering company that develops systems to support a wide range of applications.

You have been asked as an engineer in the ‘GlobalTechnologies’ company, to design and develop a Smart Home System ‘SHS’. The SHS usually includes several sub-systems such as renewable energy sub-system, security sub-system, lighting control sub-system, gate control sub-system and other sub-systems that you may include in your SHS design 

Provide a detailed, professional report for your director that contains the following:

1- A review of different SHS and sub-systems including their main elements.

 2- A design of a typical SHS system that incorporates at least two sub-systems. The system design should include DAQ/ microcontroller and any other required elements for SHS operation.

 3- Select one of the subsystems discussed in (2) and develop a proof of concept.

 4- Validate the operation of the subsystem developed in (3) and comment on the result. 

5- Proposal for the next phases of development to include the following:

A. Using of a low-cost controller instead of the current one

 B. Using industrial networks of data transmissions; wireless or wired data transmission and Internet of Things

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