Design and develop a database and communications system

Design and develop a database and communications system 

The Advance Practice program at Northumbria University takes is circa 600 students across two departments every semester to group them and place them on industry projects over a twelve week period.

These students need to be regularly contacted and tracked, evaluated around the areas of their disciplines and expertise and matched to specific projects with our industry clients. Each team is also assigned an academic supervisor and and industrial supervisor to guide them.

This creates a complex calendar of meetings, a need to track and understand the progress of each group and individual students and a large burden of comms to be managed for students Academic supervisors and clients.

Your task is to design a GDPR sensitive database model similar to air table or mail chimp that could store the information securely, be accessed appropriately by various stakeholders and could automate the burden of communications currently falling o the small AP team. 

Report Recommended structure

Section one

Clear identification of learning objectives set out at the start of the semester

Clear identification of evidence that is provided as appendix to this report against all learning objectives

Section two

Discuss the challenges faced in your advanced practice semester,  both in achievement of your personal learning objectives and in the practical work set out for you either by your employer or in your individual element of your group project.

Section 3

Read the web page by James Anderson:-  Identify where you are or, where you want to be, in terms of the Learner Agency Matrix.  Ideally summarise where you want to be in terms of challenges, Habits of mind (, engagement with mistakes, receipt of feedback and use of your time and energy when you are engaged with professional development activities.

Section 4

Set out a professional development plan using your own structure of using one of the templates on Blackboard under the tab PDP material

What will I be expected to achieve?

Specific achievements will be defined within your individual learning contract. However, all students are expected to achieve the following :

Knowledge & Understanding:
* MLO1: Reflect upon, challenge and extend existing personal knowledge of your discipline.

* MLO2: Evidence an enhanced understanding of your discipline through the application of existing knowledge in unfamiliar learning environments and through the acquisition of new knowledge and perspectives derived from experience out-with your formal taught programme.

Intellectual/Professional skills & abilities:
* MLO3: Exercise self-direction of your own learning by identifying and managing tasks individually and as a member of a team which address your personal goals.

* MLO4: Demonstrate mastery of intellectual and professional skills appropriate to your discipline.

* MLO5: Critically analyse and communicate ideas in appropriate written and verbal forms.

Personal Values/Attributes:
* MLO6: Demonstrate self-awareness of personal development.

How will I be assessed?

Formative assessment: This will vary according to the mode of Advanced Practice

Summative assessment:

1. Reflective Account
You will provide a 3,000 word reflective account of your learning during your Advanced Practice activity. This will clearly articulate and evaluate achievements related to goals identified in your personal learning contract and be supported by a portfolio of evidence.

Guidance will be provided to enable you to understand what is expected in your portfolio of evidence and how your reflective account will be assessed.

2. Poster
You will deliver a 10 minute poster presentation to staff, including your academic mentor, and peers. The poster will focus on the core learning derived from your Advanced Practice, but should also detail the experiential learning journey.

Both components are pass fail. Both must be passed to pass the module.

Feedback: Your reflective account will be returned to you with annotated comments directly related to the assessment task. You will receive written and verbal feedback on your poster presentation.

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