Digital Marketing and Competitive Advantage

Digital Marketing and Competitive Advantage 

Your Task

• The business question you are to address is: Which of the customers in your database will you choose to engage with to increase revenue or reduce churn, and how will you accomplish this goal? 

• The dataset containing information about customers' purchasing history can be accessed at the following link: 

• You will analyse the data to create a market segmentation of your customer base (Topic 4) • You will need to justify the segments that you have created (Topic 1) 

• You will choose one segment to target, giving thought to RFM Analysis and Customer Lifetime Value (Topic 4) • You will provide recommendations on how best to engage with the target customer segment that you have chosen (Topics 2 and 3) 

• You will write a short statement of intent which addresses: (1) who your target audience is for the report and (2) what techniques have you used to connect with that audience and improve the readability of your report for that audience.

Assessment Description

• An individual report of 1000 words (+/- 10%) • A 200 word statement of intent (see instructions above).

 • Analysis of a provided dataset 

• Based on the analysis, write a report justifying how the customer segmentation was done, which one customer segment to target, and how to engage best with that target segment 

• Learning outcomes: LO1, LO2, LO4

Assessment Instructions

Your report should have the following headings and address the topics below

1. Introduction: A brief overview of the dataset and the task that you are conducting 

2. Data analysis: The techniques used and insights arising from the segmentation of the customer data

3. Customer segmentation: Explanation of how the customer segments that you have created differ from each other 

4. Target segment: Indication of which one customer segment to target with your marketing activities, and a justification of why you chose that segment 

5. Recommendations: What tactics you will perform to retain the customer segment that you have chosen to target

 6. Statement of Intent: Who is the target audience and what have you done to try and make your report more accessible for that audience. 

Important Study Information

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Word Limits for Written Assessments

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