PHIL 100 Week 1 Quiz 5 | MiraCosta College

PHIL 100 Week 1 Quiz 5 | MiraCosta College

Question 1

When we apply critical thinking ___________

·         we never make mistakes  

·         we do not take statements at face value  

·         we only accept statements that are 100% certain  

·         we make fewer mistakes than if we think uncritically


Question 2

Tolerance means ____________________  

·         believing that all opinions are equally true  

·         believing that people have the right to express their opinion, even if their opinion is false.


Question 3

"It's going to rain tomorrow" could be __________________  

·         neither an opinion nor a fact  

·         only an opinion, never a fact  

·         only a fact, never an opinion  

·         both an opinion and a fact


Question 4

For each of the following matters, decide whether they are objective or subjective.

·         Whether SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19) was developed in a lab.

·         Whether risking catching COVID by going to a big party with unvaccinated people is worth it.

·         Whether taking classes on campus having to wear a mask is preferable to taking classes online.

·         Whether the COVID vaccine provides more protection against future infections than having had COVID.

·         Whether the campus will be fully open for classes in Spring 22.             


Question 5

Which of the following are true?

·         All empirical matters are objective matters  

·         We know the answer for all objective matters 

·         All objective matters are empirical matters  

·         Controversial matters are always subjective


Question 6

In this class, we will focus on ________________  

·         objective matters  

·         subjective matters

·         In fact, we will concentrate on empirical matters.


Question 7

Which of the following statements are about empirical matters? Choose all that apply.  

·         God exists.  

·         The Bible says it's ok to cheat on one's taxes.  

·         Most Americans believe that God exists.  

·         Cheating on one's taxes is unethical. 

·         Dogs make better pets than cats.  

·         Dogs have a longer lifespan than cats.  

·         God doesn't exist.  

·         65% of Americans cheat on their taxes.


Question 8

Good critical thinkers...  

·         are not biased  

·         try to overcome their biases and look at things from a neutral point of view  

·         are willing to change their mind when faced with new evidence.  

·         are simply smart people  

·         are never wrong  

·         believe everything they hear


Question 9

Scientific claims  __________  

are about objective matters


If the matter is subjective and all opinions are equally good, what would be the point of doing research?  

·         are about empirical matters

·         Scientific claims have to be justified with empirical evidence.      

·         have to be accepted at face value



Question 10

What are some of the assumptions we will make in this class?  

·         It is ok to change one's mind.

·         As long as there are good reasons for doing so.  

·         Everything is subjective.    

·         Some opinions are better than others.


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