COMM10366 Week 1 Discussion | Mohawk College

COMM10366 Week 1 Discussion | Mohawk College

Discussion Post #1 Discuss your interests

DISCUSSION POST 1, 10%: Discuss Your Interest in Crime Fiction


This discussion post allows students to introduce themselves as readers of crime fiction, whether they are new to the genre and curious about it or experienced readers with a dedication to the genre. It’s designed to focus students on important general questions and significantly improve classroom discussion in the early part of the course. 


In your post, explore your thoughts and feelings about reading crime fiction, and share your tastes. Respond to other students if you like their post or wish to add to the conversation. You can mention short stories, novels, films, video games, television, etc. For instance, are you a fan of a particular crime fiction film or type of film? Tell us what you enjoy about these films. What is it about crime fiction that holds your attention? What are your tastes? Why do think it's popular? 

 Feel free to discuss the topic in an informal way. You might tell us about your favourite novel or short story, your favourite author, or the particular kind of crime fiction you enjoy reading--mystery, detective, police thriller, etc. If you haven't read crime fiction before, you might tell us what interests you as a student at the beginning of your reading journey. 


            -appropriate length: 8-10 sentences, or one long paragraph.

            -acceptable content: the post addresses one or more of the concerns outlined above.

            -tone: the post is respectful and free of slang and other inappropriate language 

  •  Access available to read other students' postings once you have posted your own assignment.                                   

RUBRIC 10 marks

                        Unacceptable (0-4)       Acceptable (5-6)                    Good    (7-8)               Excellent-above assignment expectations (9-10)


                        -incomplete                           -needs development  -length is appropriate                           completely developed ideas

                        -irrelevant                                                                             -content is appropriate                         original/insightful

                         -many errors                        -mostly correct            -tone is appropriate

                                                                                                                             -few minor writing errors                    no errors



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