CHEMPH108 Week 1 Quiz 2 | Mohawk College

CHEMPH108 Week 1 Quiz 2 | Mohawk College

Activity 1A Quiz: Common Terms Used in Analytical Chemistry

Question 1

A blood sample is to be analyzed to determine the amount of iron in the sample.  Which of the following statements is true?    

·         Iron is considered the sample.  

·         The matrix is the person that the blood was taken from.  

·         The blood is considered to be the analyte.  

·         The specific amount of blood that is analyzed is the aliquot


Question 2

Quantitative testing is done to determine the amount of an analyte present in a sample.    

·         True  

·         False


Question 3

Analysis for blood alcohol content is considered a qualitative test    

·         True  

·         False


Question 4

Analyses are sometimes categorized as destructive or non-destructive methods.  An example of a destructive technique is:    

·         gravimetric based analysis  

·         UV/VIS direct analysis of a coloured sample  

·         pH check of a sample using a pH meter  

·         microscopic techniques


Question 5

Which of the following are NOT instrumental methods?    

·         mass spectroscopy methods  

·         atomic absorption methods 

·         gravimetric methods  

·         gas chromatrographic methods


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