CHEMPH108 Week 1 Quiz 3 | Mohawk College

CHEMPH108 Week 1 Quiz 3 | Mohawk College

Activity 1C Quiz: Reagents

Question 1

Special purpose reagents do not require an assay.    

·         True  

·         False


Question 2

Which of the following is a rule for handling reagents in the laboratory?    

·         The grade of chemical used to prepare the reagent is not important.  

·         It is appropriate when using solid samples to use a spatula or scoopula directly in the reagent bottle.  

·         Air exposure to reagents and solutions can cause decomposition of the reagent so it is important to minimize potential exposure.  

·         All liquid reagents can be disposed of by pouring down the sink drain and flushing the drain with excess water.


Question 3

Solids are weighed by the process of either weighing by difference or weighing by addition.     

·         True  

·         False


Question 4

Chemical reagents are available in a variety of purities, which of the following statements is false?    

·         Primary standard grade reagents are used to prepare standard solutions that are used to determine the quantity of analytes present.  

·         The purity of a reagent affects the accuracy of an analysis.  

·         It is recommended to use the highest purity of reagent available.  

·         Reagent grade chemicals are the most pure chemical reagents available for the analyst.


Question 5

An assay is an analysis of a sample that is used to ensure contaminants or interferences are minimized in an analysis.  

·         True  

·         False



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