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Week 3: Understanding Marketing Actions

Chapter 2 discusses developing successful marketing strategies.  I suggested to my son, that women age 50 and above may want to get healthier and have a higher disposable income (they are beyond the childbearing years) and market your product to them.  It was successful and provided the women who joined the group, a healthier lifestyle, social interactions and was a community service.  

Dove soap in October, 2017, portrayed a black woman turning herself white in an ad.  This caused backlash and the ad was removed. Link (Links to an external site.)

In today's environment many brands are changing their names, like the Washington Redskins, promoting non-racist names and ideologies.  

What I would like you to discuss is either of the following choices:

1. What marketing strategy offended you and why?

2. What products (Bomba's socks, one purchased and one goes to a person in need) make you feel like you are giving back?

3. How can a mistaken marketing strategy be revised to a positive strategy. 


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