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    HRM 5035 Week 8 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Capella University

    HRM 5035 Week 8 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Capella University 

    Week 8 Discussion 2 

    HRIS Software

    Read the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide to learn how the instructor will evaluate your discussion participation throughout this course.

    While HRIS software is generally talked about as a generic HRM program, many other programs are used to generate data (and metrics) on specific components of HRM. Using an Internet search, identify three such programs that you think appear to be most helpful in generating appropriate metrics for recruiting and staffing. Describe the programs you have selected and what metrics you feel they will provide. Defend your selections in a paragraph or two for each one and include the links where you found the programs.

    Your initial post should be succinct, have at least 150 words, and demonstrate critical analysis and precision in writing. Evaluate unit materials and reference trade publications and scholarly literature relevant to the unit.

    Response Guidelines

    Read the posts of your peers and respond to two. State why you agree or disagree with their choice of articles. Provide comments and questions that encourage critical thinking and insight. Your response should extend the discussion and stimulate other learners to clarify, strengthen, and extend their dialogue.

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  1. HRM 5035 Week 8 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Capella UniversityHRIS Software From my search, I found many HRIS options that have reporting and analytics for staffing metrics.
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