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    HRM 5035 Week 9 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Capella University

    HRM 5035 Week 9 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Capella University 

    Week 9 Discussion 2 

    Employee Satisfaction Surveys

    Read the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide to learn how the instructor will evaluate your discussion participation throughout this course.

    In the unit readings, you had the opportunity to review three employee satisfaction surveys. A key role for the HR department is to take the temperature of the employees—figuratively, not literally. A very important way this can be done is through the use of satisfaction or attitude surveys. For this discussion, you can use one of the three surveys or any other similar survey you can locate. In your post, address the following:

    Identify which survey you are using (with a link to it) and describe five questions you feel would be most useful for HR professionals.

    Explain why you selected these questions and what information they would offer HR about the attitudes of the employees.

    Your initial post should be succinct, have at least 150 words, and demonstrate critical analysis and precision in writing. Evaluate unit materials and reference trade publications and scholarly literature relevant to the unit.

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  1. HRM 5035 Week 9 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Capella UniversityThe reason I chose this questions
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