MIS 582 Week 4 Discussion | Devry University

MIS 582 Week 4 Discussion | Devry University

Module 4: Discussions

Please select one of the topics below and post your response. The topics below pertain to the materials you are about to cover in the lessons in this module.

You must make your initial post before you see what others have posted. To earn full credit you most post on three separate days and your first post should be on or before Wednesday.

In addition to a text description, you may add a screen capture, a matrix, or other creative image that supports your ideas.

Choose a Topic Below:

Topic 1

(Refers to Lesson 1) What is the relational database model? Why has it become the most widely used model for organizations to process their transactions?

Topic 2

(Refers to Lesson 2) What is normalization? What are some of the problems caused by incomplete or improper normalization of the database?

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