SEC 573 Week 3 Quiz | Devry University

SEC 573 Week 3 Quiz  | Devry University

Question 1

This Web-based DDoS tool targets the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) application layer.  

·         Trinity 

·         Tribe Flood Network (TFN) 

·         Mstram Shaft 

·         Low Orbit Icon Cannon (LOIC)


 Question 2

This UDP agent-based DDoS tool can be used to consume computing resources.  

·         Tribe Flood Network (TFN)  

·         Low Orbit Icon Cannon (LOIC)   

·         Trinity  

·         Trin00


Question 3

In an indirect DDoS attack, the zombie and the handler machines need to know their identity.  

·         True 

·         False


Question 4

DDoS attack tools can be classified into the following three categories. (Choose three answers)  

·         IRC-based Tools  

·         DDoS-based Tools  

·         ICMP-based Tools  

·         Agent-based Tools  

·         Web-based Tools


Question 5

A DDoS attack tends to violate the following security goal of the CIA triad.  

·         Authenticity  

·         Availability 

·         Integrity

·         Confidentiality


Question 6

The following three techniques are used to detect DDOS in Software-Defined Networking (SDN). (Choose three answers)

·         Soft Computing 

·         Intrusion-based 

·         Machine Learning 

·         Knowledge-based  

·         Analytical based



Question 7

This solution will provide a countermeasure to DDoS threats in an SDN environment. 

·         Application Detection  

·         Event Filtering  

·         Data Analysis and ICMP Drops  

·         Firewall Rules


Question 8

By default, a DDoS attack will consume this computing resource.  

·         CPU Time  

·         Computing Cache Time 

·         Computing Power Cycles 

·         BUS Adapter Cycles


Question 9

A potential malicious attack in SDN can be launched through _________.  

·         North- and South-bound API  

·         The Presentation Layer of the OSI Model  

·         The Physical Layer of the OSI Model 

·         The Flow Feature Extractor


Question 10

By default, a DDoS attack will consume this computing resource.  

·         Available Memory (RAM)  

·         None of these  

·         Power Supply Load  

·         Number of RPMs

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